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Source of truth



  I'm trying to figure out the appropriate attribute names to use for development.  There appear to be some discrepancies between the documentation and the actual source.  For example, here are the attributes for the config object as described by the documentation:

name	string		
description	string		
type	enum		possible values are: 'string', 'integer', 'boolean'
default_value	same as 'type'		
is_optional	boolean		
applicable_target	string		The target could be either a service returned by get_node_processes(...) call in form of 'service:<service name>', or 'general'
scope	string		could be either 'node' or 'cluster'

  Whereas the source seems to indicate different attribute names:

        self.name = name
        self.applicable_target = applicable_target
        self.config_type = config_type
        self.config_values = config_values
        self.default_value = default_value
        self.is_optional = is_optional
        self.description = description
	(NOTE: no scope attribute)

  I've found a number of these discrepancies in the code, and my assumption would be the code is the actual source of truth?

-- Jon

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