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Cleaning Up Package Titles/Descriptions


OK, here's a hairball to straighten out.  Package descriptions.  I'm looking
at this based on how it looks in the Ubuntu Software Center.  I'm going to
say making the descriptions make sense here is the first priority.

Figuring out which ones do what is, however, the first step for me.

As they show up in the Software Center, there is basically a title, subtitle
and description.  I can't easily penetrate the World of DebCraft to figure
out how this is expressed internally, so I'll just call them title, subtitle
and description for now.  We mostly seem to have the name of the package as
"subtitle" now.  menesis, do these things have names?

Going through the list in USC, here are the confusing ones.  The biggest
issue is just making sure one of these screams "THIS IS THE SCHOOLTOOL YOU

* SchoolTool Application

This is described as "Standard SchoolTool configuration."

Perhaps we can change its title to something more like "SchoolTool
Configuration Package?"  Also, I assume the 2008fall is just hanging around
because it is a pain in the ass to change it? My feeling at this point is
that probably we should change the package names to get rid of the years at
the beginning of the Natty cycle rather than the end of the Maverick.

* A common information systems platform for school administration

This should be described as "Python libraries used by SchoolTool" or
something like that?

* common platform for school administration

This is the one that you actually want to install and should be the core
description, right?

The others are relatively straightforward.


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