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UDS Report


Justas, Gedminas and I attended the Ubuntu Developer Summit for a few
days this week.  It seems to have been worth the time and expense to
use face to face meetings to clear away some longstanding blocking

The main obstacles seem to be out of the way to give Gediminas the
authority to manage our many and various Zope package dependencies in
the Ubuntu (universe, presumably) repositories.  This is a bit of a
burden but necessary for us to control our own fate.  Essentially this
means if all goes as planned you won't have to install our PPA to get
SchoolTool on Maverick, just turn on the "universe" repository.

As I mentioned in an earlier email to the list, we also took advantage
of the opportunity to talk to the Launchpad devs present at UDS to
finally straighten out the permissions on our translations, so that
actively maintained translations can be restricted to approved changes
by the primary translator for that language (unmaintained ones are
still open).