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[Blueprint user-interface] Create a more modern user-interface


Blueprint changed by Dooitze de Jong:

Whiteboard changed:
  We will try following http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/guides-
  for-websites/ to recreate SchoolTool web interface in the near term.
  dooitze-de-jong: Are you trying to restyle SchoolTool with the Ubuntu
  colours or only the interface.
  We will not be using the colors, but using the Ubuntu design guidelines
  to shape the overall layout, look & feel.  Obviously SchoolTool is a
  full web application, so there are a lot more moving parts than are
  covered in the Ubuntu guidelines, but it gives us a good starting point.
  We'll also be working with another design firm to further develop our
  branding and presentation.
+ dooitze-de-jong:  I could help, I've experience with html, css, python
+ and a little php

Create a more modern user-interface