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Coming Soon: SchoolTool 2.0


The SchoolTool development team has been working hard, if quietly, on
what we've decided deserves to be called SchoolTool 2.0.  With the
goals of clarity, simplicity and consistency, we've revised the
overall look of the application, its organization, and the design and
textual content of every single view.  We met on IRC every day through
the summer to review the daily changes and make sure the new design
was applied consistently.

You can see some screenshots here:


We've now finished the "new features" part of the development cycle
and are working on bugfixes, loose ends and packaging.  We're also
working with a design firm to update our color palette and a few other
graphical elements.

We'll have alpha packages and new translation templates posted on
Launchpad as soon as possible.  The final release will be targeted for
Ubuntu Oneiric (11.4) on October 13th.

We'll keep you posted on our further progress.

Tom Hoffman
SchoolTool Project Manager