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SchoolTool 2.0 Release Schedule


As I mentioned yesterday, we've got working SchoolTool 1.9 packages --
with the new UI available in our Oneiric PPA.  The code is in good

We are, however, off schedule to get the new SchoolTool UI into
Oneiric on October 13.  We're really too late in the Ubuntu process
for that, our translation templates are taking a while to sort out,
there's a lot of documentation to write, and the design work we've
been doing on the logo, homepage and app colors with Schwadesign is
running a bit behind.

So here's the new plan:

October 13: release new SchoolTool 2.0 beta source and Ubuntu packages
in a PPA (including for older versions of Ubuntu for easier testing).
Also SchoolTool 1.8 will be included in Ubuntu Oneiric (1.6 + bugfixes
and relatively small changes).

Mid-November: Release SchoolTool 2.0 final source and multiple
packages (hopefully including Fedora).  Re-launch new brand, website
and documentation.  At this point new users will be encouraged to
start with SchoolTool 2.0.

April 2012: SchoolTool 2.0 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

We're a little disappointed that we couldn't fit all the new code into
the new Ubuntu, but I wouldn't have wanted to cut short the process of
re-implementing the UI.  We took the time to get it right, and the
results will speak for themselves.