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Re: SchoolTool Slogan


2011/11/18 Tom Hoffman <tom.hoffman@xxxxxxxxx>:
> SchoolTool has always lacked a punchy slogan.  We've basically been
> stuck with something like "SchoolTool is a suite of free
> administrative software for schools around the world."  It was just
> the best we (mostly me) could come up with.
> As I was staring at that at the top of our new web page -- coming
> Tuesday -- the phrase "the Global Student Information System" popped
> into my head.  I think that's pretty good.  Also google indicates
> nobody really uses it.

But SchoolTool is to be installed locally in each school.

For someone in government looking for new software, a deployment model
is important. But it is not only not global, but even things that are
common to all school in a country (e.g. school years, holidays,
subjects in secondary schools) cannot be managed centrally.

On the other end, for someone looking for software to run their
private school, global is not an advantage and may scare off.

> Variations:
> The Global Student Information System
> A Global Student Information System
> The Free Global Student Information System
> Also there are terms other than "student information system" -- these
> are often called "management information systems" etc., but those
> don't necessarily get across the school connection without extra
> words.

Isn't it a school management system? It helps manage information not
only about students, but teachers and projectors as well ;)


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