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Recent SchoolTool Developments


Hi all.

A few updates on what we've been up to:

* Gediminas released a 2.0.1 bugfix release December 22nd.  Users of
the 2.0 packages from our PPA should get these changes with a system
update.  Details here:

* Gediminas also fleshed out some of the System administration
documentation, including:
  - Apache configuration to host SchoolTool on port 80 and enable SSL:
 - managing multiple SchoolTools on one server.

* One source of some pain and complaint in the 2.0 UI changes has been
the tabular views for searching for people and managing group and
section memberships.  Essentially, the new were designed with an eye
towards using Ajax to allow you to add and remove people dynamically
without a page reload after each action.  Unfortunately, the Ajax step
wasn't completed before the release, making the new view sometimes
more cumbersome than the old one.

  Justas is completing a revision of the views to add and remove
persons without a page reload, which should be quicker and more
intuitive than either of the previous versions.  This has turned out
to require more of a redesign than we realized, but we're happy with
how it is turning out, and believe you will be too.

* Alan is working on several gradebook refinements for the next
release, in particular one to allow a teacher to distribute a set of
activities in a worksheet to all the sections of a specific course.

* Douglas has been working on Spanish translations of the application
and documentation, many small fixes, i18n glitches and style tweaks.
In particular we are trying to make sure SchoolTool is 100%

* I've updated more of the documentation for the new interface and
will be adding to it soon.