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Re: A few questions about School Tool features that aren't covered in the website


Welcome Jorge,

2012/1/13 Jorge Vázquez <jorgevazquez87@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm IT of a School and i'm very interested on implementing School Tool
> (schooltool.org). We are a NGO and I plan to move forward in the Open
> Source scene developing a proyect integrating Open Source Software in
> all centers we serve our students (5)
> I would be hosting it on a cloud server with the purpose of having it
> centralized and to become accessible to the teachers in their different
> centers so they can work with it no matter where they are.
> >From what i've read looks very good and powerful in customization but I
> have a few questions that i would be happy if they can be answered from
> anyone who knows or have worked with this before:
> It is possible to print all the academic progress of the total number of
> students not by materia but for grades and assistance?
> Can I create academic transcript?
> Can I have the capacity to produce reports? (student list, grades,
> assistance, interventions, etc.)

We're working on adding reports, especially transcripts.  We're hoping
to have complete transcripts for the April release.  Reports can be
laid out using a HTML-like markup language.  If you have examples of
the kind of reports you need, we can try to replicate them.

> How complex is to manage this software from a teacher view not so
> oriented to technology? (basic things like word proccessing, graphics,
> tables, Internet research, and so on)
> Excuse me for the language but english isn't my main language, it's
> spanish

One of our core developers, Douglas Cerna, is El Salvadoran and can
also help you in Spanish.

Don't hesitate if you have more questions.