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Another wonderful experience with the SchoolTool book!


Hi All,

I believe I wrote a similar post last year at this time, but it
deserves repeating.  It is great to have technical documentation
written by a programmer who also happens to be an English teacher.

I just setup our SchoolTool instance for our small Summer program at
the local community college.  We have around 30 students in 8
different courses / sections with a three period day.  We will be
using the gradebook, the competency tracker, the journal, and an
add-on we are developing called Pyquiz.

The documentation in the SchoolTool book was an absolute joy!  Setting
up our school went off without a hitch.  The documentation takes you
through the setup of a small school in clear, well written pages
organized in a logical sequence.

I'm just a teacher, not an admin, but I had to play an admin in our
small Summer program.  Thanks to the SchoolTool Book it has been a
totally cool experience.

Thanks, SchoolTool!

Jeff Elkner
Governor's Career and Technical Academy Arlington