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SchoolTool 2.6 Coming Soon


SchoolTool 2.6, to be released by the end of September, is loaded with new
features.  SchoolTool 2.6 will be available through the Ubuntu 13.10
(Saucy) Universe repository as well as for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS through our PPA
on Launchpad.

New Features:

Task Queue

To allow reports to be generated in the background, without blocking web
page response,  SchoolTool 2.6 is integrated with the Celery asynchronous
task queue (http://www.celeryproject.org/).

With the task queue architecture in place, future releases will expand its
use to allow imports and other long-running processes to take place in the
background without blocking or overloading the server.


Printed reports have been updated to a clean, attractive design consistent
with SchoolTool's web interface.  The layout of SchoolTool's report cards
have received particular attention.

Report request dialogs have also been updated for utility and consistency.
 Realtime feedback on report generation completion is provided in the
dialog.  For long-running reports, the dialog can be closed, and SchoolTool
used normally while the report is being created.

When reports are completed, a message is posted to the user's SchoolTool
home page.

Attendance Journal

Attendance tracking and participation grading have been made distinct modes
in the journal view.

Absences and tardies can be excused by teachers.

Clerks have new school-wide attendance management views to can excuse or
enter absences and run reports.

Schools can create and use custom attendance codes.

Participation grading can be based on any SchoolTool score system.

Homeroom attendance status is visible in all section journals for the day.

Administrative Roles

Administrative roles have been differentiated to make it easier to prevent
accidental destructive changes to the system.  "School Administrators" can
view most data in the system but have limited editing rights.  "Clerks" can
enter and view data about students but cannot easily reconfigure the

Search forms and read-only views of SchoolTool's gradebooks have been added
for administrators.

Auto-Complete Scoring

When non-numeric grades are entered in a gradebook cell, an auto-complete
menu displays valid possible entries (e.g., the user enters "a" and "A",
"A+" and "A-" appear as auto-complete choices).

Name Order

All tables and gradebooks should be sortable by first name or last name.


Improved support for deprecating groups of standards from previous years.

And many bugfixes and small refinements throughout SchoolTool.