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Re: Cannot import source for SchoolTool book using 'bzr'


Thanks Douglas! I managed to pull the source for SchoolTool Book after removing the ‘’/flourish” part. Do i need to change all the “.rst” files in the source directory to the translated version and then push it back ? Or do i need to create a new branch? ( sorry i am new to bzr )

There are no clear instructions on how to translate the SchoolTool-Book. 
On 14 May 2014, at 2:57 pm, Douglas Cerna <replaceafill@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> El 13/05/14 22:51, Karun Agarwal escribió:
>> But when i tried use 'bzr branch lp:schooltool-book/flourish’, it gave
>> me an error saying :
> Remove the "/flourish" part from your command:
> bzr branch lp:schooltool-book
> Let us know if this works.
> Douglas

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