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Team leader



Manuela is taking 24 hours off for a rest, I am your emergency holographic
Team Leader on speech control until she returns, if you need me for
something urgent then ping me, or one of the admin staffers and we will
respond as quickly as possible.

If there is a troll / spammer on the channels and you cannot raise us, use
the command !ops <comment> (without the <>).

Please note that every freenode staffer will recieve that message and misuse
can cause you to be be banned from the entire freenode network. I've seen
how quickly they descend and as they have channel op privalidges, the troll
/ spammers life expectancy can be measured in seconds, it is scarily awesome
to see it occur and why all of speech control and SII channels have them
specifically listed as op privalidges. (I pre warned thier TL that I wanted
to check it was working and issued it on the #lubuntu channel, 15 arrived!).

Here's to hoping Manuela does get some rest, and returns refreshed and