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A quick update,



as you are aware, speech control has been moved up stream. This happened
somewhat faster than I would have preferred.
The SII group who also have the wintermute project coming in to the banner
are working really hard on setting out thier governance, mission
statement and getting trustees sorted out. Last night we confirmed that
thesii.org points to my server, so the web guys can start work in earnest. I
will get the forum onto the area after my duty shift. They plan to have
governance finished over the weekend so that SC and WM can have a meeting
with SII and discuss anything they want altering. Honest, we're working damn
hard on this, I've seen some of the drafts and they look good to me. SC and
WM remain two distinct teams with thier great team leaders, but closely
working together under the SII banner. (Oh, and I finally remembered about
the inferno project - so poor Jacky is now factoring that in as well!). For
those on the WM team wondering what inferno is, it was originally going to
be an accessibility bot, but that would have meant having the bot on each
room the user was on. jamarsden found an old x-chat plugin which means no
need for the bot, as inferno progresses no doubt it will plug in eventually
to the AI part of SII. If either of the team leaders wish to add anything
please do, it is vital to the overall success of SII that we keep closely in
touch. By courtesy I have included the Team Leader of ubuntu accessibility
on this.




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