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helping a team member.


hello all team members

So if this is going good i will finally succeed to send a mail trough
launchpad mail.
So you all know jacky have major pc/laptop problems every time.
But he also put almost all his free time to work on speechcontrol and
wintermute program.
He not have a financial possibility to solve this.
That's why i write this mail.
I had thought if we all give a small how you call that pay from money.
we maybe succeed to let all small parts be together a great part.
what you all think for to donate a few bucks to jacky or we can buy whit the
team a laptop.
new or second hands.
i hope i will get response on this.
other good ideas are also welcome.

for to let you know also.
i am now already more then 2 weeks busy whit reading logs to get info out of
from which dev have which skill /interest same for the students.

sincerely yours manuèla popping / hajour
                       teamleader from speechcontrol team.

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