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helping a team member, part 2


Hai everyone,

For all who were present at the first meeting should know what was
discussed. Meeting notes need to be made, but the decisions we've made in
the meeting are the following:
- Kind of system: Laptop
- Price limit: €500,-
- Minimum RAM: 4GB
- Preferred CPU: Intel
- GPU family: nVidia
- Screensize: 15,6" 16:9 ratio

Hajour kindly agreed to delve the logs to see what Jacky wanted himself for
a system. In the mean time I'd like to ask if you want to look for systems
which match the above mentioned description. I'm putting together a new
agenda here [1], there you'll be able to add the suggestions for systems. So
please feel free to update it with system (with reference links).
Next meeting in which we will be furthering our discussion in how to best
help Jacky will be this Sunday (10-04-2011 DD-MM-YYYY) at 18:00UTC.
Daniel0108 will chair the meeting (if it's alright with y'all), as I'm
withhold (due to a performance of my choir). Here [2] is the link to the
previous agenda.

With metta,


[1] http://openetherpad.org/nBUxPqRj9V
[2] http://openetherpad.org/Dg8iiPczlF