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Helping a team member - IRC logs


Hajour told me to send out an email to both team mailing lists, we want
to help Jacky to get a new laptop :)
<hajour> hee JackyAlcine  glad to see you
<hajour> we trying to solve your pc problem JackyAlcine
<hajour> JackyAlcine,  what was the pc you was trying to save for.i
forgot which one it was
<hajour> have struggling already trough so many logs .to try to find it
<hajour> but we need to know it faster then i am able to read the logs
* hajour hopes JackyAlcine  is not angry i started to ask sponsoring for
the last amount for to pay your pc/laptop JackyAlcine 
<hajour> JackyAlcine,  ping
<JackyAlcine> Sorry, teacher wanted me to close the lid.
<JackyAlcine> And the link to the laptop:
<hajour> o ok
<hajour> how much you need to get it JackyAlcine  because you already
was saving for it
<hajour> we try to get you soon as possible .you will get a new laptop.
already was saving for it 2 months to for you JackyAlcine  .
<hajour> but your laptop died to soon
<hajour> so i started ask help on the teams where you are involved in
<hajour> i hope you are not angry on me i did that JackyAlcine
<JackyAlcine> No, no.
<hajour> ok that's a relieve
<hajour> but can you tell me how much you still need to come on the
409,00 dollars JackyAlcine ?
<JackyAlcine> Well, after shipping and stuff, it's $471.25; that's about
$321.25 more that I'll need to save up.
<hajour> ok we go do our best JackyAlcine
<JackyAlcine> As will I.