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well, I've finally had a chance to 'play' with phpweb. lots of modules, a
bit thin on documentation!

As SII already has a web presence, I'm learning using the SC area. Do not
expect it to look brilliant in a couple of days. I put all the modules on,
and then took a couple off. Self contained bulletin board, e-shop, heck you
can even arrange car sharing!

I do like how the calendar auto adds to the list of new things, just by
putting an entry into it. Deffinately nice and easy for a non web-maintainer
to keep up to date. That is about as far as I've gotten so far. I need to
alter a parameter on my server for it to stop the dreaded '&' error, but I
will get done sometime to day.

Oh, and where it is? http://phillw.net/phpweb/  Lots of options, lots of
headaches... embedded video, audio, you-tube, emailing system.. yup, I'm