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Re: direction of SC


yeah. me and daniel working on xchat plugin.
I was just learning xchat plugin system and sphinx c api. (and python too!)

The link http://www.nogas.org/xchat_speak/ is not working. It is not
letting me download the script.
and we surely appreciate help from lubuntu and motu guys! :-)

On Friday 01 July 2011 05:46 AM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> Hiyas Abhijit,
> Regarding the x-chat plugin and the bot, I have made enquiries as to
> how SC may better itself and the other areas accept that SC is not
> just going to do what it did before. The task set is not overly
> simple, but attainable. 
> I am admin, and can only advise. When a team seeks my advice, I will
> do my best for that team. Well, I went and asked.... 
> (21:15:02) AlanBell: sure
> (21:17:53) phillw: I do not wish to dwell on the past, but Speech
> control has a new TL. I'd like to stretch your memory back, as mine is
> a little vague. There was a discussion of inferno as a bot that
> required to be on each channel to 'speak' it, which whilst not
> entirely 'killed at birth' was not thought to be best way, and also
> the possibility of actually finishing off the XChat plugin which would
> allow the XChat system to do the same function on any channel. Do you
> remember anything about those discussions?
> (21:20:06) AlanBell: yeah, I remember that
> (21:20:37) AlanBell: so it would be kind of interesting to have an
> xchat plugin that outputs text and hilights to speech dispatcher
> (21:21:17) AlanBell: would like a libnotify to speech dispatcher
> gateway too as a more generic feature for alerts from anything
> (21:21:21) AlanBell: for non-orca users
> (21:23:13) AlanBell: I am quite interested in getting more people to
> use speech output for different use cases
> (21:23:16) phillw: yup, and that's about all I remember! IIR the xchat
> plugin is in c/c++ and, as with most teams, c/c++ people are few on
> the ground and over worked (just ask TheMuso). My thinking is along
> the lines of let them, as young dev team, gel together with the bot -
> prove it works, and the knowledge so gained would be invaluable for
> them taking on the xchat project. I'd appreciate your views on such
> direction. I have been asked by their TL to get SC back on the map as
> a serious project instead of one causing problems.
> (21:23:47) AlanBell: I never understood the proposed architecture for
> the bot
> (21:24:48) AlanBell: getting interesting stuff to throw text at speech
> dispatcher is a useful activity
> (21:25:04) phillw: simply put, it would read what was being posted to
> an IRC channel in a voice. For all I know, that is already possible.
> (21:25:22) AlanBell: it is totally possible, there are plugins for
> irssi to do just that
> (21:25:42) AlanBell: could well be one for xchat
> (21:26:12) AlanBell: http://www.nogas.org/xchat_speak/
> (21:27:04) AlanBell: there you go, perl, not c++ and they could take
> that, and convert it to use speech dispatcher
> (21:27:21) phillw: me thinks that was the one that JM was refering to
> when he said that there was a lonely, unloved project that SC could
> really help with?
> (21:28:24) phillw: I am not sure, I'm hoping to catch JM and see if he
> still has the links to the c/c++ one that I think was more recent.
> (21:29:30) AlanBell: well that one will work
> (21:30:06) AlanBell: it is a very small bit of actual code, most of
> the file is mappings for stuff like ":-)" - > "happy face"
> (21:30:25) AlanBell: to stop it reading out colon hyphen close bracket
> (21:30:28) phillw: JM = jmarsden sorry, I've just gotten used to using
> his initials to save him being pinged when on channels! He is one of
> the devs on Lubuntu and has offered some free time to an accessibility
> project such as that xchat plugin to let the younger programmers have
> a go, and be there to help of and when they get stuck.
> (21:31:21) AlanBell: the perl code is easy to understand, very small
> and just needs the calls to festival to be swapped out for spdsay
> (21:31:36) AlanBell: package up, contribute to Debian, get it in Ubuntu
> (21:32:29) phillw: would getting the http://www.nogas.org/xchat_speak/
> be a reasonably achievable goal for a group of young programmers? JM
> can do the final MOTU bit for them :)
> (21:33:26) AlanBell: yeah, nice little project that
> (21:35:03) phillw: As always, I trust your judgement and will suggest
> it to them (Well, difficult, i am only the admin buit have been roped
> in to also help SC find a reason to actually exist. I am quite sure
> they will bite my hand off :) )
> (21:35:11) AlanBell: there are 1193 lines of boring crap, then this
> little bit of actual code http://paste.ubuntu.com/636005/ then a copy
> of the GPL v2
> (21:35:34) phillw: GPL v2 is something we can live with.
> (21:36:07) AlanBell: sure, it is fine
> (21:36:31) AlanBell: point being it is just 100 lines of actual code
> (21:36:44) AlanBell: in a single file
> Now, i'm trying to pull SC back to being accepted. My strong advice is
> that you do as Alan suggests. If you can get that part up and running,
> he will ensure that credit goes to SC.
> Regards,
> Phill.
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