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Re: Wider Responsibilities with Ad-Sense and Educational accounts.


Hiyas Abhijit,

even though all these teams are required to make their own rules, I would
ask that all new members sign up for the full Ubuntu Code of Conduct before
they are given full acceptance to the teams.



On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 7:27 AM, Phill Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> as I approach the google edu stuff, whilst the team leaders have agreed, I
> need to now ensure that members of all the teams are aware of just how
> critical the rules are.
> If you have any queries about this, please ask your Team Leader in the
> first instance. The rules are not for negotiating. The below are THE Rules,
> if you break them - your team is history... gone, no ad-sense income and
> total loss of your educational account.
> (00:36:26) d.W.b: 1.) Monitor your traffic for higher traffic. Google
> likes to see they're ads are not at risk of being bombed by ad-clickers that
> try and make money off illegal clicks
> (00:36:39) d.W.b: 2.) Apply for Google Analystic (optional)
> (00:37:05) d.W.b: It'll help if Google ever suspects the owner of Ad-Sense
> clicking on the ads
> (00:37:26) d.W.b: 3.) Never click on your own ads or have anyone click
> them. Google has ways of knowing... trust me
> (00:38:23) d.W.b: 4.) Don't spam your website in e-mails or IMs...
> (00:38:38) d.W.b: Google treats it as you're asking people to click (they
> got ways of knowing this...)
> (00:39:07) d.W.b: 5.) No porn, hate speech, or anything sexual
> (00:39:12) d.W.b: That's basically it
> (00:40:28) d.W.b: Because if they ban you from the program... it's for
> life and they apply that ban on trying to re-join
> @ Team Leaders, I insist on you having "Google Analystic" to ensure your
> team is abiding by the rules. I also really will be more comfortable that
> you insist they sign up for the Code of Conduct, it really is my only your
> defence for a member who "goes bad".
> @ Everyone else, whilst the monies coming in are not massive, the teams
> could not afford these apps. Please do not let your teams down. Please alert
> your Team Leader, or if urgent, then alert me if you feel any one is abusing
> the system.
> Just remember.....
> (00:40:28) d.W.b: Because if they ban you from the program... it's for
> life and they apply that ban on trying to re-join.
> (02:19:36) d.W.b: Not even me for any reasons because they track IP's and
> if someone behind that IP clicked on your ad... your account is toast
> (02:21:14) d.W.b: The reason why they're so strict on this is becuase the
> US and EU sued Google for fraud for allowing owners to click on their own
> ads
> https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?answer=48182
> Whilst I know none of you will break the rules, you must also ensure others
> do not. The ban is for life, and believe you me, google know if some one is
> cheating.
> Regards,
> Phill.
> --
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw


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