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Wider Responsibilities with Ad-Sense and Educational accounts.


Hi folks,

as I approach the google edu stuff, whilst the team leaders have agreed, I
need to now ensure that members of all the teams are aware of just how
critical the rules are.

If you have any queries about this, please ask your Team Leader in the first
instance. The rules are not for negotiating. The below are THE Rules, if you
break them - your team is history... gone, no ad-sense income and total loss
of your educational account.

(00:36:26) d.W.b: 1.) Monitor your traffic for higher traffic. Google likes
to see they're ads are not at risk of being bombed by ad-clickers that try
and make money off illegal clicks
(00:36:39) d.W.b: 2.) Apply for Google Analystic (optional)
(00:37:05) d.W.b: It'll help if Google ever suspects the owner of Ad-Sense
clicking on the ads
(00:37:26) d.W.b: 3.) Never click on your own ads or have anyone click them.
Google has ways of knowing... trust me
(00:38:23) d.W.b: 4.) Don't spam your website in e-mails or IMs...
(00:38:38) d.W.b: Google treats it as you're asking people to click (they
got ways of knowing this...)
(00:39:07) d.W.b: 5.) No porn, hate speech, or anything sexual
(00:39:12) d.W.b: That's basically it
(00:40:28) d.W.b: Because if they ban you from the program... it's for life
and they apply that ban on trying to re-join

@ Team Leaders, I insist on you having "Google Analystic" to ensure your
team is abiding by the rules. I also really will be more comfortable that
you insist they sign up for the Code of Conduct, it really is my only your
defence for a member who "goes bad".

@ Everyone else, whilst the monies coming in are not massive, the teams
could not afford these apps. Please do not let your teams down. Please alert
your Team Leader, or if urgent, then alert me if you feel any one is abusing
the system.

Just remember.....

(00:40:28) d.W.b: Because if they ban you from the program... it's for life
and they apply that ban on trying to re-join.
(02:19:36) d.W.b: Not even me for any reasons because they track IP's and if
someone behind that IP clicked on your ad... your account is toast
(02:21:14) d.W.b: The reason why they're so strict on this is becuase the US
and EU sued Google for fraud for allowing owners to click on their own ads


Whilst I know none of you will break the rules, you must also ensure others
do not. The ban is for life, and believe you me, google know if some one is




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