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An update



just so everyone is kept in the loop....

*Email / Educational Apps*

Progression has been made for the edu google apps accounts, touchlay.net are
the guinea pig along with my own area for this. Following a discussion with
Derrick, who sorts all the USA stuff out for me, he has kindly agreed that
all teams may remain under his banner.

The bad news? We are currently limited to 10,000 users between all teams
The good news? We get 25 Gb mail storage per user.

Myself and Derrick do not see any way that either of these limits could be
exceeded, although he has applied for an increase in the number of members

There has also been discussion about the role of admin Vs super-admin. A
super admin may delete a full system and also may view anyones password.
Because of the access to passwords any super admin would have to be
registered with their country Data Registrar if they reside in Europe. As I
do and am one, I have checked upon what I need to do and have filed my
 application. I require that as I am derrick's back up for when he is on

The admins on the teams will be set up as 'admin' on the system. This gives
them full access, ( add / delete users, create groups etc.. ) but not view
peoples passwords or delete the entire system.

*Web Server*

Myself and Derrick both need to raise tickets together as the company will,
quite rightly, not allow either of us any knowledge of the others account.
This will be done in the next couple of days, with the finalisation about 14
days after that. For myself, it has been a blooming long couple of weeks
(over a year). I will be delighted to finally get rid of my friendly
squatters and you each have control of your own areas! Ubuntu 10.04LTS,
EHCP, ftps added and hardened on a dedicated, commercial, server.

*IRC Server*

The only thing we are not allowed on the dedicated server is IRC stuff.
Derrick has a 'little' computer sat at home doing very little... it is on a
75MB/s broadband link, has 12MB of RAM and not too sure about hard drives.
Suffice to say, a nice little home server. Following on from a chat with
Daniel0108 he is going to put ...

(23:39:45) d.W.b: Where is this software to be found?
(23:44:44) d.W.b: Hot damn!
(23:44:51) d.W.b: You can use Anope with ShadowIRCd
(23:45:00) d.W.b: I love Anope :-P

It is his home server, so he can use what he wants! As to if he can also put
on Atheme chat I will have to find out.