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[info] Moving Mailing Lists + Project Management Tools


Hello all. Once again, I'm letting you guys know of
some infrastructural changes being made.

Mailing Lists
We're moving from Launchpad's mailing list system to the Google Apps sector
of mailing lists. It's a bit more friendly and allows posting from the web
(which is something I do often!). The following groups that will be moved
are listed below.

*speechcontrolteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *to *spchcntrl-devel@xxxxxxxxxx *& *
*wintermute-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* to *wntr-devel@xxxxxxxxxx* & *
*wintermute-psych@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *to *wntr-psych@xxxxxxxxxx*
The Launchpad mailing lists will be shut down and will soon point to the
address shown above.

Project Management
Well, I wanted to use a shiny and fancy management system, but I completely
overlooked the prowess possessed by MantisBT. We'll be using it for project
management on a software development and task management level system. For
those with ideas to add to the system, *please swing them by*! I'm spending
the rest of January in bringing the development effort of the Institute up
to 100%. Ideas like:

   - IRC bot to output changes to the task management system (might need a
   #sii-tasks channel, as it could make the general channel noisy)
   - *Mobile Device Support* (YES!) so you can check the status of code and
   tasks from your phone. The master project is decent, but I wish it to
   support the SII needs specifically so I feel that forking that project and
   adding what we need to it would make it more powerful.
   - *Task assignment and management*
   - *Importing of projects from repositories like Git, SVN and Bazaar*

are something I have in mind and am willing to poke it.

Well, I kind of stole Alex's format of e-mails (lol), because it was
efficient, but I have yet to see more ideas from you wicked people :P
Please inform us of what you need and want. Thanks!

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