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Re: [info] Moving Mailing Lists + Project Management Tools


Also, for those interested in general development, it's recommended that
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On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 8:25 PM, Jacky Alcine <jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hello all. Once again, I'm letting you guys know of
> some infrastructural changes being made.
> Mailing Lists
> We're moving from Launchpad's mailing list system to the Google Apps
> sector of mailing lists. It's a bit more friendly and allows posting from
> the web (which is something I do often!). The following groups that will be
> moved are listed below.
> *speechcontrolteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *to *spchcntrl-devel@xxxxxxxxxx *&
> *spchcntrl-users@xxxxxxxxxx*
> *wintermute-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* to *wntr-devel@xxxxxxxxxx* & *
> wntr-users@xxxxxxxxxx*
> *wintermute-psych@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *to *wntr-psych@xxxxxxxxxx*
> *
> *
> The Launchpad mailing lists will be shut down and will soon point to the
> address shown above.
> Project Management
> Well, I wanted to use a shiny and fancy management system, but I
> completely overlooked the prowess possessed by MantisBT. We'll be using it
> for project management on a software development and task management level
> system. For those with ideas to add to the system, *please swing them by*!
> I'm spending the rest of January in bringing the development effort of the
> Institute up to 100%. Ideas like:
>    - IRC bot to output changes to the task management system (might need
>    a #sii-tasks channel, as it could make the general channel noisy)
>    - *Mobile Device Support* (YES!) so you can check the status of code
>    and tasks from your phone. The master project is decent, but I wish it to
>    support the SII needs specifically so I feel that forking that project and
>    adding what we need to it would make it more powerful.
>    - *Task assignment and management*
>    - *Importing of projects from repositories like Git, SVN and Bazaar*
> are something I have in mind and am willing to poke it.
> Feedback
> Well, I kind of stole Alex's format of e-mails (lol), because it was
> efficient, but I have yet to see more ideas from you wicked people :P
> Please inform us of what you need and want. Thanks!

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