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FindBugs Analysis


Out of curiosity, I ran a FindBugs analysis of the Syncany code this
morning.  FindBugs is a static code analysis tool and I personally find it
fairly useful for trapping "silly" bugs before they get too far.  For
example, org.syncany.index.TTTDChunker.createChecjsum(File file) will throw
an NullPointerException when invoked ("chunk" is always null).


Although it does sometimes give spurious results (for example, it complains
that there is a String format issue in
org.syncany.config.Cache.createTempFile(String name) but the code looks


Do people feel that this will be useful?


And does anyone have advice on where someone new to the code can get started
(design docs etc).  Hmm...I'd best get my Launchpad account fully set-up



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