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Windows Live SkyDrive support


although i am NOT a fan of M$:


How's this for a deal: Get 25GB of online storage, at no cost, with no
strings attached. That's what Windows Live SkyDrive offers. Just
create folders on the site and upload files to it. You can share any
of your folders with colleagues, as well. The site's design is simple
and straightforward.

That isn't to say SkyDrive is flawless. You can't use it as a virtual
drive--it won't appear on your PC as a drive, so you can't save files
directly to it within a program like Microsoft Word. That's a minor
point, though. You can't argue with 25GB of free storage, especially
considering that neither Google nor Yahoo currently has this kind of
service. While Google is rumored to be working on a similar service
called GDrive, Yahoo's Briefcase provides only 25MB of space, and is
shutting down at the end of March anyway. So right now Windows Live
SkyDrive is as good as online storage gets.

this would be a great addition ;)

Best Regards,

Christian Ledermann

Nairobi - Kenya
Mobile : +254 702978914


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