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deduplication, sharing, conflict resolution?


1) how do you handle deduplication on the storage layer and the
networking layer? (like, if user changes 2 random bytes in a 50MB file,
or renames a file, what kind of network traffic does this cause, and
what are the implications on storage consumption?) is it
supported to version everything (i.e. keep x (or infinite) versions of
all files?).
it seems to me that using backends like ftp are very limiting factors
because some protocols are really dumb wrt. efficiency.
do you upload all files in small parts (how small?) to the ftp, as to
minimize the needed syncing for minimal changes in a big file?
do you encrypt small blocks of the file? because re-encrypting a file
that has only changed a little will yield a completely different
encrypted variant, or not?
maybe you could use rolling checksums like rsync does (but even that is
not ideal), AFAIK git actually has a pretty efficient blob storage and
synchronisation system, you could put encrypted blobs in git's storage
system and get some features for free.
or camlistore... http://camlistore.org/
and what about when you keep, say 2GB in syncany (without modifying any
file or doing anything special), will it cause an additional 2GB (or
more) storage overhead, because it also needs to locally store the
encryted variant of all files?

2) how do you handle sharing between several users? how about
conflicts? are there means for manual and automatic conflict


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