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Hello team


Hello all. I am new and here to help.

I'll be doing the build, release, packaging and config management for this

We have a CI server setup: http://build.cloudsandwich.com:8080/ feel free to
create an account.

I'm currently on the hunt for a windows build server with visual studio
installed so I can put a Jenkins slave on it and include it in the party. If
anyone has such a thing available, you can add it as a build slave by

java -jar slave.jar
<http://build.cloudsandwich.com:8080/jnlpJars/slave.jar> -jnlpUrl

I'm also on the lookout for a nice java cross platform packager that is open
source, any ideas are appreciated.

The bzr repo is scanned every 15 mins for changes, which triggers a build.
Failures are emailed to the list.

The latest build artifacts can be downloaded from Jenkins.


Please let me know how I can help in any other way.


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