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Re: [Question #162246]: Share folder with other people


Hi there,

You have to define what you mean with "folder sharing". If you mean
being able to share a repository with someone, that is already
possible. If you mean only a sub-directory, that probably won't be
possible due to heterogeneity of the storage types.

Take IMAP, for instance: if you have access to an IMAP account, there
is no way of restricting the access to only a few files. With FTP or
S3, however, this _would_ be possible. However, due to their entirely
different concepts, I don't think that folder sharing will ever be
implemented -- at least not without a server component.

If we had a trusted server, we could simply let the server do "access
control". This will probably come at some point. But not in the near

@Jason: two users never write the same file. No locking, no race
conditions. :-D


On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 9:50 PM, Jason Irwin <jasonirwin73@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I don't want to reply publicly as I'm not really a spokesperson for the
> project.
> But surely this is down the repository used?  If multiple users sync to a
> folder where they have permissions, then they all should be kept in step.
> Although I could see there being issues with multiple-updates and race
> conditions.  That could be resovled by security settings (only letting on
> user push, but allowing all others to pull).
> Just my thoughts.
> J.
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