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Philipp C. Heckel proposed the following answer:
> In the content of ".syncany", Which stores exactly the subdirectory
"db"? because his content are binaries files. Why is empty the
subdirectory profiles?

The subdirectory contains a derby database, which contains file
versions/history and what file consists of what chunks. The profiles
directory will contain the images of the users participating in a repo.
I disabled this function because it was buggy.

> In the subdirectory cache, Are fragments of original files the trunks

Yes, those are fragments ("chunks") of the original files. The contents
of this directory can be safely deleted when Syncany is not running. I
will implement a cache cleaning mechanism at some point, so this happens

> In the repository folder of each store type, in one of the PC are
generated many files "profile-user" constantly instead of delete them as
others PC (All pc's have the same syncany version)

Syncany avoids lost updates [1] by simply never writing to the same
file. New files are marked with a new timestamp in the filename. This
happens with repository-, profile-, image- and update-files.

> In this folder I guess when Syncany will finished all content will be

Yes. chunks are already encrypted. Update-files are not yet, because it
makes debugging easier.

> Also I'd like suggest, if not already, that when implemented the
recovery of file versions, syncany allows you to select how many copies

That is of course planned :-D

> To finish, I like know how synchronize Syncany with Dropbox

I was working on a Dropbox plugin for Syncany. It doesn't work that good
yet, so it's not released yet. However, keep in mind that because
Syncany has a distinct repository structure (the files are all
encrypted), you won't be able to browse the files in your Dropbox folder
(or in the web interface). Syncany will just use Dropbox as storage.

Cheers. And thanks for your interest.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Write%E2%80%93write_conflict

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