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Hi guys
 I'm sorry if I interrupt, but I have many questions again. Really, as I said, think that Syncany is a promising project, and I would like to try and help in whatever it takes.

My questions are as follows:

 - In the content of ".syncany", Which stores exactly the subdirectory "db"? because his content are binaries files. Why is empty the subdirectory profiles?

 - In the subdirectory cache, Are fragments of original files the trunks files?

 - In the repository folder of each store type, in one of the PC are generated many files "profile-user" constantly instead of delete them as others PC (All pc's have the same syncany version)

 - In this folder I guess when Syncany will finished all content will be encrypted

 - Also I'd like suggest, if not already, that when implemented the recovery of file versions, syncany allows you to select how many copies stored

 - To finish, I like know how synchronize Syncany with Dropbox

Thanks again for your answers

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