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The GUI talk


Hi again,

(this is the continuation of a private e-mail discussion, to the rest of
the mailing list: don't be irritated :-))

GUIs on Java are a horrible subject. There's nothing that works perfectly,
but there are not many options if we want to stick to the Java language.

After a little research, here are the options (with some comments):
- Swing - basically okay, but ugly Linux Tray / File Dialogs
- JavaFX - not fully open source, no experience, we don't like it :-D
- Qt/Jambi - Java bindings not being actively developed, last release 2010
- Pivot - active development? communtiy?!
- wxWidgets - Java bindings not being actively developed

Non-Java based:
- GTK/Python -- Good for Linux, but what about Windows/Mac?!
- GTK/Mono/C# -- SparkleShare uses that, I like it, but I don't speak C#.

So what's everyone's take on that?

If we use Swing, we have two major advantages:
1) I've developed lots of Swing stuff before (see Launchpad trunk), and a
Linux extension for the AppIndicator/Tray support. Some of this stuff might
be reusable.
2) We all have experience in Swing, and its probably the one that's most
widely used.