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Update to gradle


Dear all,

please find on https://github.com/vwiencek/syncany-gradle an slight update
of syncany project including :
- a switch from ant/ivy to gradle ;
- a split of the project into subprojects : syncany-core / syncany-cli /
syncany-gui / syncany-plugin-XXX (just ftp for now.

The first thing you need to to after cloning this github is :

1/ chmod 777 gradlew (optional .... but sometimes permissions are not set
on the file)
2/ sudo ./gradlew installCli.
On linux this command will create application and link it to
On windows this command will create the application, but you still need to
add syncany-gradle folder to PATH to be able to launch syncany.bat from

!Warning! for an unknown (yet) reason you HAVE to explicitely add "-l
local_folder" in order to use syncany command.

For developpers
1/ ./gradlew eclispe will create all .eclipse and .project files
2/ Besides dedicated .settings will be copied to each subproject .settings

Major asset of gradle is the possibility to create full scripts for
packaging the application for each platform.

Vincent Wiencek

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