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Re: Roadmap?


Hello again,

Any other comments on the roadmap?

Two options :
> - get rid of wrapper, like ant or maven (thus developers will have to
> install properly gradle)
> - check in wrapper.jar to repository

Yes, I read on the Gradle website that the wrapper should be be checked in.
So I think we should do that. It's a really odd practice, but it's
definitely easy for people to get started.

So I vote for "check in wrapper.jar to repository".

Immediate TODOs for Gradle:
- Windows fakeinstall (required for 'syncany' on command line)
- Possibility to add a release version and create TAR/ZIP with version name
- Debian/RPM packaging (required for release)
- Anything else?

@Vincent, do you have time to do that?

I just updated the syncany-gradle repo (
https://github.com/binwiederhier/syncany-gradle); what I changed:
- Moved eclipse/ and wrapper/ in a gradle/ folder
- Added Eclipse settings (ui + core) to be copied in .settings folder
- Changed Eclipse compile directory from "bin" to "build/eclipse/bin" (so
that gradle build is in the same directory than the eclipse builds)
-  Added test-*.jar files to support test dependencies
- Removed "syncany-client" (for now)


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