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Syncany GUI


Dear all,

As you may know we are starting to look seriously at Synany Gui creation. I
propose that we exchagne on this subject on this thread.

As for today we've identified the following constraints for Gui creation.
The library we are going to use should be :
1/ nice (obvious no ? :) )
2/ as portable as possible
3/ well integrated into a maximum number of environments (windows, linux
and OSX)
4/ easy to use (as a developper)

Following libraries are candidate :
- Java FX :
      * pros : new library, portable
      * cons : few components, not easy to integrate into existing build
systems (gradle / maven)
- Eclipse SWT :
      * pros : nice (see eclipse), easy to use
      * cons : portable via dedicated os libraries (not too hard to
integrate into gradle/maven
- Eclipse Swing :
      * pros : nice (with extra Look And Feel), fully portable, easy to use
      * cons : default System tray hugly (but can be overriden with
dedicated panels)

I've not yet started to look at other non-java graphical libraries, and any
input on this subject is welcome !

Besides, we should have the following screens for the application :
- a "settings panel"
- a "folder watching panel", from which we can "watch", "stop watch" any
local folder
- a "init" panel, with dedicated UI for each plugin
- a "connect panel"
- a "main screen" accessible when right-clicking in icon tray (like dropbox)

[image: Inline image 1]
Here is a quick example of a java swing GUI under windows, with jgoodies
look and feel.

Any other ideas ?


Vincent Wiencek

PNG image

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