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Re: Bigger database issues


Hi Gregor,

> I've been busy the last two evenings with other things (new flat = a
> lot of work and Glühwein was also a reason for my non-productive days
> ;)). 
is always a good excuse :-)

> On thursday, I will do some coding and try to introduce my solution.
> However, even though I am not that data driven I must admit that JDBC
> has a speed advantage over JPA/Hibernate or any other ORM. I had a
> look around and found some frameworks which support this approach. For
> example, Spring JDBCTemplate or MyBatis.  Further, you get rid of the
> complexity introduced by JPA /Hibernate for their own sake. I think I
> will create a simple DAO which provides convinient methods to access
> data and do simple conversions. That said, the problem on the data
> representation side is hidden behind the DAO and, thus,  is
> independent from the actual objects used in the code. 
I'm very intrigued. Let's see where this goes.
If possible, do not focus on the _perfect_ design. Do something that
works for now. We can all adjust it later together!
> Fabrice, you recommended to redesign the data model from the bottom
> up. If we stay with relational data, this means the creation of
> tables, etc.. Philipp already did a great job by commenting his
> drawings. A month ago, I also had a similar idea in mind. By then I
> was reading the favorite "Domain Driven Design" book from Eric Evans
> who wants developers to focus on the domain of interest first and
> identify relevant concepts (don't get confused here, with concept I
> refer to a real world object with properties) and their relationships.
> Given these objects, Use Cases are defined and at last code is
> written. Domain objects then often become entities as they somehow
> need to be persisted. With this in mind, one can see the data driven
> approach as bottom-up and the domain driven approach as top-down
> solution to the same problem. Although, I would rather say, they
> complement each other. My suggestion is, to not alter the interface of
> domain objects, identified by Philipp and Steffen, but enhance their
> data representation. As a said before, one way could be to hide the
> data centric part of the application behind DAOs.
Sooo, you're suggesting to leave the org.syncany.database classes as is
and add an SqlDao?


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