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Illegal file names


Hello again,

there's an issue that we haven't addressed at all, and that I think is
important enough to address now: Illegal file names -- or more
interestingly: file names that are perfectly legal/comaptible on one
platform, but are not on another platform.

- Case: "README" and "readme" (on Linux that's fine, Windows will have an
- Traling dot: "README." (on Linux: ok, Windows: nope)
- Illegal chars: "README:NOW" (on Linux: ok, Windows: nope)

More details here:

I'm not sure how to handle this. Dropbox will rename these files (case
conflict: "readme (Case Conflict)") or not sync them at all. Is that the
right way to do it? Are there other options?

Especially if you want to sync two Linux machines, there should be no
restrictions just because a Windows machine might be joining, right?!


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