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Master to Gradle


Hello again,

I've taken the current code and manually transformed it into a Gradle
project: https://github.com/binwiederhier/syncany/tree/gradle -- This is on
the basis of Vincent's current Gradle code base at
https://github.com/vwiencek/syncany-gradle-gui -- again without the GUI
stuff for now until we have the architecture set up and agreed upon a
screen flow.

Please note that I will continue working on this gradle branch I'll be
merging it in the master at the weekend. If you're having trouble
compiling/installing, please let me know. I've also adjusted the README.md
to explain the IDE setup.

$ git clone https://github.com/binwiederhier/syncany
$ git checkout gradle

$ ./gradlew eclipse    (gen. Eclipse files)

Install CLI
$ ./gradlew installApp
$ sudo ./gradlew fakeinstall


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