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Re: Ask user or rename (was Re: Illegal file names)


Hi again,

Le 14/12/2013 22:58, Philipp Heckel a écrit :
> I think we might have hit a dead end here. I really like the rename-resolve
> method (and so do many others). I am certainly not going to stop you from
> implementing something more interactive -- in fact, if you want this really
> badly, I can help you design/implement it -- but my focus for now will be
> an automatic renaming concept.
> If you really want interaction, I see (not so tiny) problem: Right now, we
> only know about file conflicts in the FileSystemAction, so at the very end.
> That would mean that you'd have to potentially ask many times -- at least
> with the current design.

Well, I respect your choices, but like I said, this is a show stopper
for me. I will not use a software in which a modification done by
someone with whom I'm sharing files can silently override my local
modifications (and I'm not the only one). For starters, this would force
me reviewing all my files on a regular basis, something that should be
done in the first place by the software.

Unfortunately, as you explained, this idea of overwriting and renaming
is deeply integrated into syncany and I don't see how to bring user
intervention into the current design.

The only acceptable solution under this constraints, in my opinion,
would be to follow seafile's lead (http://seafile.com/en/help/colab/):
the local file remains untouched and the conflicting file is downloaded
with a specific name. I don't know if seafile prevents this conflict
file from being uploaded. Should be fairly easy to do. As Seafile
implements git conflict resolution, this happens no so frequently, so
it's acceptable. Annoying again, but acceptable.

However, you don't seem to be willing to follow this solution, which
means that we are truly at a dead end in a way that prevents me from
using syncany. I'm sorry about that. Nevertheless, I hope syncany will
succeed, and I will keep an eye on the evolution of the design to see if
some patching is possible to make it acceptable for me.