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Re: Syncany Gui Development


Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself as I have started working on syncany
as well. I have the crazy idea of creating an application like Btsync
but open source. Soon I learned that managing multiple versions of
different files and determining which file needs to go to which peer
is not an easy task. That is why I would like to add Bittorrent as a
storage plugin to syncany.

I have started development here: https://github.com/christf/syncany So
far the plugin is able to:
* initialize 
* upload the metadata and torrent files
* download the data using the bittorrent protocol

There are still a couple of things to do. The following list is sorted
by priority: 
* Seeding is not yet supported as I am still uncertain how this should
  be implemented. At the moment I am using an external torrent client
  for seeding during my experiments. I also implemented a Test program
  for seeding in java however this is not integrated into syncany at
  all and it also has some issues. Some kind of daemon is needed to
  handle the task of seeding data. 
* There is still a need for a central data store which is currently
  implemented using webdav technology. This storage holds torrent
  files, database files and the syncany configuration. A mechanism is
  needed to use a distributed storage technology for this data.
* All multichunks that are going to be seeded must be kept locally.
  This means that currently there is a storage memory overhead of 100%.
* As a torrent library I used ttorrent because it is under active
  development and it seems to be pretty stable. However at the moment
  no DHT is supported. For now a tracker must be used in the torrents.
  Lwjtorrent is a torrent library that is not quite as usable but its
  author is very active and willing to add DHT. It may happen that the
  torrent library will have to be switched in the future in order to
  allow DHT.

If you feel like helping out coding or if you have an idea on how to
accomplish those goals or even feedback to these ideas, let me know!


On Friday 31 January 2014 16:55:36 Vincent Wiencek wrote:
> Dear all,

> As you may know I'm working on a syncany client (gui) for
> windows/ubuntu/macosx;

> My branch is not (yet) merged into master branch (bu I hope it will (soon)
> be sometime) and is available here (
> https://github.com/vwiencek/syncany/tree/gui)

> Purpose of this post is double :
> - look for good souls helping me in developping GUI : no specific
> requirements except maybe knowing JAVA
> - you can find TODO / Issues here (
> https://github.com/vwiencek/syncany/blob/gui/syncany-gui/TODO.md) and many
> //TODO markers in code.

> Do not hesitate to propose code fixes, corrections improvements, good ideas.

> Vincent

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