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Re: Syncany Gui Development


Hi Vincent,

in case I haven't done that publicly already, I'd like to acknowledge the
incredible work you've put in the Syncany GUI so far -- thanks very much
what you've done so far, for keeping up with my constant nagging and for
sticking around :-)

As I said before to you Vincent, I'd very much like to include the GUI (and
the daemon!) in the master, but not in the first release of Syncany. Once
of my issues with Syncany last time was that I was doing to much at the
same time. Keeping the scope small is something that's really difficult to
do, because developing new features is so much fun.

In that sense:
- I am always very happy to review/test the GUI/daemon code for you and for
0.2 or 0.3, I'm planning to include it in the release
- If you need any hooks/callbacks/features in the lib/util, please don't
hesitate to ask or propose changes
- Seeing that Vincent's code base has also grown very quickly, I think it'd
be really great if he had some help :-) Gregor? Steffen? *coughing*

Keep up the good work!


PS: I hope it's alright that I mentioned you here: