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Re: Syncany Bittorrent plugin


Hello Christof,

I would like to introduce myself as I have started working on syncany
> as well.


> I have the crazy idea of creating an application like Btsync
> but open source.

We love crazy -- we're building an unconventional sync tool here after all
If Syncany can store data in BMP/PNG images, Bittorrent will also do.

> * Seeding is not yet supported as I am still uncertain how this should
>   be implemented. At the moment I am using an external torrent client
>   for seeding during my experiments. I also implemented a Test program
>   for seeding in java however this is not integrated into syncany at
>   all and it also has some issues. Some kind of daemon is needed to
>   handle the task of seeding data.

Vincent implemented a daemon in the syncany-daemon package. Right now, it
only controls multiple WatchOperations, but it could surely be extended to
run plugin-specific threads. Why don't you check out the daemon code here
and see if you can make it fit:


> * All multichunks that are going to be seeded must be kept locally.
>   This means that currently there is a storage memory overhead of 100%.

As discussed, I don't think this won't work any other way if you want to
keep the versioning.

Keep up the good work. Feel free to also contribute code to the main
Syncany code base if you discover something :-)