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Re: Syncany Watch Operation


Hi again,

Hm. I don't quite understand the options:
> Either use existing NotificationListener and adapt ir *or* use Google
> EventBut .....

... :-)

> .... Only the daemon and WatchOperation need to run on the same JVM like
> this ?
> - JVM1 : (daemon + lib) ==> running WatchOperation
> - JVM2 : (gui) ==> running GUI only
> JVM1 and JVM2 comminicate through webSocket ....

Obviously; but do you think Guava is really necessary for such an easy
listener? Wouldn't a simple add/setListener(..) do for the WatchOperation?

I know that you're already using the Guava EventBus so it would obviously
be easier for your to do it with the EventBus. I am hesitant because I
don't yet see the huge benefit it brings. It is quite heavyweight (> 2 MB).
So I want to make sure that it really brings enough to the table to be
worth it. (On the other hand, Guava comes with lots of other util functions
that we could use...)

- Will it work if the daemon is not present in the JVM -- in CLI-mode?
- Is it a lot of work? If not, I'd say you could propose a solution in

I hope that didn't confuse more than it helped...


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