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Updates and vacation: 0.1.6-alpha, daemon and a web frontend


Hello everyone,

long time no see! Before I go on my 3-week vacation, I wanted to let you
all know about the state of the project. Since it's been a while, there are
some updates.

*1. Stability:* Number one goal is still stability and we have done quite a
bit of work to get there. We've made uploads/downloads a little more fault
tolerant (connection retries, especially important with "wobbly"
connections) and fixed a lot of integrity issues on the database layer.
Once in a while there are some issues with the "cleanup" (throwing away too
much metadata and such), but it's getting better.

*2. Basic daemon:* In 0.1.4ff we have added a user daemon that can handle
many Syncany folders and run in the background. It can be started with `syd
start` and is available in the default installation. Configuration via

*3. Daemon with WebSocket and REST API: *In the feature/daemon branch, we
started developing an extended daemon with a WebSocket and REST API that
can be used by user frontends to retrieve the status of the application or
asynchronously receive events. Via HTTP/REST, it can also deliver any file
in any version (e.g. "get file 123 in version 2"). Currently implemented
requests: "get file tree at specific date", "run CLI command", "get
database versions", "get file", "get file history", "list watched folders",
"restore file".

*4. Web interface plugins:* By default, the daemon only offers the REST and
WebSocket API, but no web interface. However, web interfaces can be plugged
in using the plugin API. we started implementing a JavaScript-based web
interface in the "simpleweb" plugin. A first demo can be seen here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NPVffywZVs -- this demo is a bit older; as
of today you can browse the tree at different times and restore now works.
Also, you can click on files to view them in different versions.

That's the status as of today. We would love some help with the web
interface stuff (as it's something that can be worked on individually) or
all the other things. Also: If you look closely on GitHub, the "we" is
currently just an "I", so please consider helping out if you like what
we're doing.

Well then, I'm off to Canada-eh!

Best regards,

PS: Donations of any kind (Bitcoin, Flattr, Paypal) are much appreciated.
Check out https://www.syncany.org/#Contributing to find out how.

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