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Re: Updates and vacation: 0.1.6-alpha, daemon and a web frontend


Great stuff! The reliability stuff seems to work *crosses fingers* and the
web interface is looking good.

The end of my vacation will be coinciding more or less with yours, and by
then I will have my Bsc, so then I'll have more time to get going again. :D

Enjoy Canada and see you in three weeks,


On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 9:09 PM, Philipp Heckel <philipp.heckel@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello everyone,
> long time no see! Before I go on my 3-week vacation, I wanted to let you
> all know about the state of the project. Since it's been a while, there are
> some updates.
> *1. Stability:* Number one goal is still stability and we have done quite
> a bit of work to get there. We've made uploads/downloads a little more
> fault tolerant (connection retries, especially important with "wobbly"
> connections) and fixed a lot of integrity issues on the database layer.
> Once in a while there are some issues with the "cleanup" (throwing away too
> much metadata and such), but it's getting better.
> *2. Basic daemon:* In 0.1.4ff we have added a user daemon that can handle
> many Syncany folders and run in the background. It can be started with `syd
> start` and is available in the default installation. Configuration via
> ~/.config/syncany/daemon.xml.
> *3. Daemon with WebSocket and REST API: *In the feature/daemon branch, we
> started developing an extended daemon with a WebSocket and REST API that
> can be used by user frontends to retrieve the status of the application or
> asynchronously receive events. Via HTTP/REST, it can also deliver any file
> in any version (e.g. "get file 123 in version 2"). Currently implemented
> requests: "get file tree at specific date", "run CLI command", "get
> database versions", "get file", "get file history", "list watched folders",
> "restore file".
> *4. Web interface plugins:* By default, the daemon only offers the REST
> and WebSocket API, but no web interface. However, web interfaces can be
> plugged in using the plugin API. we started implementing a JavaScript-based
> web interface in the "simpleweb" plugin. A first demo can be seen here:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NPVffywZVs -- this demo is a bit older;
> as of today you can browse the tree at different times and restore now
> works. Also, you can click on files to view them in different versions.
> That's the status as of today. We would love some help with the web
> interface stuff (as it's something that can be worked on individually) or
> all the other things. Also: If you look closely on GitHub, the "we" is
> currently just an "I", so please consider helping out if you like what
> we're doing.
> Well then, I'm off to Canada-eh!
> Best regards,
> Philipp
> PS: Donations of any kind (Bitcoin, Flattr, Paypal) are much appreciated.
> Check out https://www.syncany.org/#Contributing to find out how.
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