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Syncany now available as an official Debian package


Hi all,

I am the maintainer of Syncany for Debian. I have packaged the latest
release which is now available in Debian's experimental distribution.
Debian's package tracking system provides a summary of all important

Old PTS:

New tracker:

Syncany is currently only available in experimental because it depends
on bouncycastle libraries which are also currently only available in
this branch. Moreover I intend to wait with the upload to unstable until
the Syncany team announces the Beta phase. As soon as both issues are
resolved and the package is uploaded to unstable, it will automatically
migrate to Ubuntu. However I am not sure if Syncany is mature enough to
be included in the next Ubuntu LTS release and if you really want to
support a five year release. I would definitely like to see it included
in the next Debian stable release though.

I also intend to provide some of the plugins as official Debian
packages. Those plugins should be global for all users and the preferred
way to install them on Debian systems since they would be buildable with
system libraries. Is it correct to install them into the lib directory
where syncany-[cli|lib|util].jar reside too? Is Syncany capable of
detecting the difference between such globally available system plugins
and user plugins which are normally located in
~/.config/syncany/plugins/lib ?

P.S.: Please CC me, I am not subscribed to the list.



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