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[Bug 317761] Re: debuild doesn't take "*.a" file anymore in the sources


** Description changed:

- Binary package hint: devscripts
+ The version of dpkg-source in Ubuntu 8.10 erroneously sets the -i and -I
+ options by default for version 1.0 source packages (i.e. the version of
+ the source format that we actually use). This causes various files to be
+ omitted unexpectedly from tarballs and diffs, which causes problems in
+ particular for people building private source packages that need to
+ contain binary objects.
- Hi,
+ This bug was fixed by Debian in dpkg 1.14.21, so is fixed in Jaunty and
+ was not present in earlier releases:
- I noticed on intrepid that debuild doesn't take the .a files in the sources anymore. Thus I am not able to build my package which has some binaries inside the sources. 
- The problem is not happening when using hardy. I was obliged to roll my whole OS back to hardy cause of this issue. I found no way to specify to debuild to take the binary inside the source. 
- The source format I am using is Format 1.0
- Regards
- wattazoum
- hardy version : 2.10.39ubuntu2~hardy1
- Intrepid version: 2.10.39ubuntu2~intrepid1
- The problem may also be in dpkg-source ...
- dpkg-dev hardy version :
- dpkg-dev intrepid version :  1.14.20ubuntu6
+ http://git.debian.org/?p=dpkg/dpkg.git;a=commit;h=21d69014f424f670a9ccdce3a7aad11e3b3f1b60

** Attachment added: "proposed patch backported from git"

dpkg-source sets -i -I by default
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