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[Bug 317761] Re: debuild doesn't take "*.a" file anymore in the sources


I've uploaded a fix for this to intrepid-proposed. ubuntu-sru team:
please review.

** Description changed:

  The version of dpkg-source in Ubuntu 8.10 erroneously sets the -i and -I
  options by default for version 1.0 source packages (i.e. the version of
  the source format that we actually use). This causes various files to be
  omitted unexpectedly from tarballs and diffs, which causes problems in
  particular for people building private source packages that need to
  contain binary objects.
  This bug was fixed by Debian in dpkg 1.14.21, so is fixed in Jaunty and
  was not present in earlier releases:
+ Proposed patch:
+   http://launchpadlibrarian.net/23510120/dpkg_1.14.20ubuntu6.2.debdiff
+ TEST CASE: Download http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21270813/tests.zip,
+ unpack, cd to test-1.0/, and run 'debuild -S -sa; tar tzvf
+ ../test_1.0.orig.tar.gz'. The bug is that the files
+ test-1.0.orig/libsmbclient-x86_64-linux.a and
+ test-1.0.orig/libsmbclient-i486-linux.a are missing from the tarball.
+ Now remove ../test_1.0.orig.tar.gz and repeat 'debuild -S -sa', but this
+ time 'tar tzvf ../test_1.0-1.tar.gz' (this tests native-mode source
+ package building). Again, the .a files will be missing from the tarball
+ if this bug is present. You'll need to remove all these files and start
+ again in order to verify the fix.
+ Regression potential: Well, it's dpkg. dpkg itself shouldn't change, but
+ I'd recommend running for a while to spot any upgrade problems anyway.
+ If you can, build some other packages and check that the resulting
+ debdiffs are sensible.

** Summary changed:

- debuild doesn't take "*.a" file anymore in the sources
+ dpkg-source sets -i -I by default

dpkg-source sets -i -I by default
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