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Upstart script very buggy



The current upstart script doesn't work on my Karmic. I took the time to
look into a bit of what was happening, and thought that I'd better tell you
with what I discovered.

These lines will fail on my system:

       for hook in $BOOTMEDIAMOUNTPOINT/Hooks/*.sh
               # Added for debugging
               echo "Hook activated" >> /root/xbmcLog
               echo "Current hooker: ${hook}\n" >> /root/xbmcLog

               cp $hook /root/hook.sh
               chmod 0755 /root/hook.sh
               rm -f /root/hook.sh
       echo "After hooks Dir" >> /root/xbmcLog

this fails, and no wonder wither, since ${hook} is set to "/Hooks/*.sh" on
my system. I also discovered that $BOOTMEDIAMOUNTPOINT will be empty on my

these will also fail:

       if [ ! $(grep -i autostart /tmp/xbmcliveParams) ] ; then
                # More debug info
                echo "autostart fails" >> /root/xbmcLog


If I look through the code it looks like I'm expected to set a autostart
parameter from the console, but afaik this isn't a desired behavior, since I
won't start those scripts from the console usually, but let them be
activated automatically. Correct me if I'm mistaken in my assumption.

I don't think this is actually related to the upstart script, but I was
wondering if you are aware that neither shutdown nor restart works at the

For those with the same problems as I, the lines with problems can just be
commented out till a more permanent solution is available.

Rohde Fischer
Kirkegårdsvej 10D 3. lej. 3
8000 Århus C
+45 2168 0621

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