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Re: Upstart script very buggy


Hi Rohde,

tks for taking your time for debugging the upstart script.

       for hook in $BOOTMEDIAMOUNTPOINT/Hooks/*.sh
               # Added for debugging
               echo "Hook activated" >> /root/xbmcLog
               echo "Current hooker: ${hook}\n" >> /root/xbmcLog

               cp $hook /root/hook.sh
               chmod 0755 /root/hook.sh
               rm -f /root/hook.sh
       echo "After hooks Dir" >> /root/xbmcLog

this fails, and no wonder wither, since ${hook} is set to "/Hooks/*.sh" on my system. I also discovered that $BOOTMEDIAMOUNTPOINT will be empty on my system
This has been fixed already in the SVN and the XBMCLive beta1 already includes the fix. Next PPA will include the fix as well.

       if [ ! $(grep -i autostart /tmp/xbmcliveParams) ] ; then
                # More debug info
echo "autostart fails" >> /root/xbmcLog
If I look through the code it looks like I'm expected to set a autostart parameter from the console,
the autostart parameter comes from the kernel cmdline:

18	        CMDLINE=$(cat /proc/cmdline)
20	        #Process command line options
21	        XBMC_PARAMS=""
22	        for i in ${CMDLINE}; do
23	                case "${i}" in
24	                xbmc\=*)
25	                      XBMC_PARAMS=$(get_opt $i)
26	                      ;;
27	                esac
28	        done
29	        echo $XBMC_PARAMS > /tmp/xbmcliveParams

that is copied to the tempfile for the upstart job to execute some tasks as early as possible.

As per the grep line modify it as

if [ ! "$(grep -i autostart /tmp/xbmcliveParams)" ] ; then


if ! grep -i -q autostart /tmp/xbmcliveParams ; then

And you will be good (already fixed in SVN).

I don't think this is actually related to the upstart script, but I was wondering if you are aware that neither shutdown nor restart works at the moment.
right, not related to upstart job; rather an issue of policykit setup on your system (just guessing).